About NaturePack

About NaturePack Manufacturing

Starting from humble beginnings

Nature Pack was started in a small office in 2013 with a passion to provide eco friendly packaging as an alternative to normal plastic options available. After a few years we decided to start manufacturing our own packaging, as we believed that not only can we help the environment, but we can also contribute to the economy as a local manufacturer which in turns creates more employment.

About Nature Pack Manufacturing - Green Lite

Hard work, creativity, fantastic customers and amazing staff assisted us to grow from starting with just 50kg of raw materials in the first month, to organically grow the production over the years to 10 tons of raw material per month. The once small office with 2 staff members grew to needing 3 factory units and 16 staff.

We are proud of the product we produce, as it does not have any plastic in it, all glue we use is waterbased and our all our waste cut-off paper coming off our production line is collected and recycled back into raw material for other paper related products.

Today we manufacture over 80 different kraft boxes and distribute nationally and internationally. Our product range includes hamburger, hotdog, wrap, deli meal, salad boxes, cookie boxes, chip cones, open trays and many more. We also distribute and supply bagasse packaging, straws, foil containers, salad tubs, ice cream tubs, paper coffee cups, clear cups for cold beverages and other general packaging.