Nature Pack

Product Packaging Manufacturing

Nature Pack can make custom boxes for your product ideas.

We can design, print, DIE cut and assemble your packaging needed for your product you supply.

Our minimum order is as low as 100 boxes unprinted, custom made to package your product, ready for retail.

Packaging Manufacturing - Green Lite

The first paraffin free fire lighter, totally eco-friendly, proudly developed and made in SA.

4 Pack Craft Beer Carry Box (Top Box)

  • We design and manufacture beer carry boxes for craft breweries.
  • Our minimum order is 100 units.
Craft Beer Carry Box

Printed Grease Proof Bags

  • We supply printed Grease proof bags, we can print from 1 color to 4 colors.
  • Our minimum order is 20 000 x grease proof bags with your own logo printed, pricing starts for as little as R0.18 excl vat per bag with a 1 color logo print
  • Various sizes available
Tokara - Printed Grease Proof Sheets

Custom Printed Packaging

We can print your logo on the packaging we manufacture.
Printed Pop Corn Boxes